The Storm Trysail Foundation is completing our 12th year of operation, supporting the educational and safety-at-sea activities of the Storm Trysail Club and other organizations.  John Fisher retired as Chairman and President this year after putting the Foundation on the map. I am taking over as Chairman with Barry Gold as Vice Chairman and President. We thank past Board member Eric Kreuter for his service and welcome Gary Jobson to the Board.  John Browning, Secretary, will also take over as Treasurer with Lars Forsberg continuing as Legal Advisor and Vice President. Commodore A.J. Evans rounds out the Board with Vice Commodore Ed Cesare as an observer.

The 2019 Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta was a huge success with 52 boats and over 400 college sailors from the USA, Canada and France.  Thank you Event Chairman and PRO Butch Ulmer, our sponsors, and the huge number of volunteers.

We supported five Junior Safety at Sea (SAS) seminars for over 400 young sailors, and continued to offer our advanced Level 200 program for juniors who had already taken a seminar.  Thank you Program Chairman Kelly Robinson, your Committee and volunteers.

In May we ran our annual Hands-On SAS Seminar at New York Maritime (SUNY) with over 260 attendees and 60 volunteers!  I chaired and moderated with the support of a great team. We also offered Level 200, the most advanced training available in the USA.  It included actually abandoning ship into life rafts. In 2020 the SUNY seminar is scheduled for May 16 and once again we will offer a Texas SAS seminar, partnering with the Houston Yacht Club under the Chairmanship of Chris Lewis on March 28.

During 2018-2019 with the direct participation of Vice Commodore Ed Cesare and others, we raised almost $900,000 to support the Collegiate Offshore Racing Circuit (COSC) founded by member Rich Wilson and friend Pierre Jean.  Our grants allowed COSC to acquire ten 33 foot Figaro2 ocean racers from Europe to seed a new intercollegiate sport: offshore racing. Boats have been distributed to Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Webb Institute, New York Maritime, and Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy  Other colleges will soon join, and there is a great opportunity for Storm Trysail members to assist as coaches. It’s exciting to note that in 2024 there will be a mixed (male/female) offshore double handed class at the Paris Olympics based on the Figaro concept.

We wrapped up 2019 with a fantastic Foundation dinner, chaired by Joey Moffitt, and honoring the Fifty Years of Carina.  Our host at Indian Harbor Yacht Club was Jonathan Nye, of the family that owned Carina for 25 years before Rives Potts took over.  Tied to the Club dock for tours were Carina, looking as new as the day she was built, and one of our Figaros. More than 180 sailors attended (57 who had raced on Carina) and the net contribution to the Foundation exceeded $100,000.  Thank you to our donors and sponsors.

As we grow the Foundation, our vision looks to the establishment of multi-year curriculum Junior SAS programs in locations across the country and supporting the growth of Intercollegiate Offshore Regattas and COSC in other US locations. This growth and development will foster our mission to give training to help transition young dinghy sailors to a lifelong love of safe blue water sailing. while providing wonderful volunteer opportunities for Club members.

Our Annual Fund Chairman Steve Minninger will (or has been) in touch with you! Please consider an unrestricted gift to the Storm Trysail Foundation as you make your charitable giving decisions. The future of our sport rests with today’s youth, and creating real life learning opportunities helps prepare them for the future. You may make a gift (cash or stock) to the Storm Trysail Foundation by using one of the links below, or by contacting Whitney Kneisley, Executive Administrator of Storm Trysail, at 914-834-8857.


Thank you for your continued support.


Richard du Moulin

Chairman, Storm Trysail Foundation




Founded 1997 – just completed 22nd year
13 locations
150+ seminars
6500+ juniors
650+ borrowed boats
2500+ volunteers
“Level 200” - Created an advanced program for graduates – all day on the water intensive coaching; including real MOB, reefing, storm sails, drogue steering and actual abandon ship into rafts.
Inspiration for Adult Hands-On training!


Founded 2006 – just completed 13th year
Locations: Kings Point, SUNY, Lakewood YC (Galveston), Houston Yacht Club
1650+ sailors
70+ borrowed boats
450+ volunteers
Following Junior SAS, instituted same Level 200 for adult graduates


Initiated 2006
In cooperation with Gary Jobson, UK Sails, and others
Public access
Utilized for Storm Trysail’s junior and adult training
Inspired the US Sailing Online SAS Course
…that was seed financed by Storm Trysail 

Working with US Sailing, Storm Trysail founded the concept of one day hands-on plus online learning as a means of achieving World Sailing Offshore Certification—now the standard of the sport.

STORM TRYSAIL is the only SAS organizer that trains every student- adult or junior- aboard boats for Man Overboard and other skills.



Founded by the Corinthians and handed to Storm Trysail in 2004
Partnered with Larchmont Yacht Club
Built up from 10 college teams in 2006 to 50+ in recent years
Largest intercollegiate sailing event in America
80+ colleges have attended
4500+ sailors
575+ borrowed boats
1500+ volunteers



Founded by member Rich Wilson and Pierre Jean
Partnered with Storm Trysail
Goal: provide opportunity for college sailors to sail offshore, learning leadership, team building, seamanship, and navigational skills, and making offshore a lifelong endeavor.
Funds were raised through the Foundation
Initial fleet of ten Figaro2 have been acquired
Six have been deployed to Mass Maritime, Webb Institute, Kings Point, and SUNY.
The Figaros raced in day distance races in coordination with the 2019 IOR
Ongoing discussions with other colleges
Next steps: continued fund raising and acquisitions; volunteer coach opportunities; expanding the footprint.


The Foundation receives and acts on other grant requests that fit the Foundation Mission


Please Support the Storm Trysail Foundation

We are a 501(C)3 charitable organization dedicated to support the education of young sailors, junior safety at sea, and intercollegiate big boat racing.

The purpose of the Storm Trysail Foundation is to effect, promote and enhance the education of young sailors in safety at sea, safe boat handling in all conditions, and safe blue water racing and passage making, through the hosting of seminars, regattas, and other on the water training, and through the making of grants to other institutions to foster similar training.

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