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Foundation grant launches MudRatz “After Dark” Program

October 15, 2020

Earlier this year, the Storm Trysail Foundation - in keeping with its mission of promoting and enhancing the education of young sailors' safe and knowledgeable transition from dinghy to big-boat racing - conferred a grant to the MudRatz, a non-profit based out of Mystic, CT that provides opportunities for motivated junior sailors who want to develop and improve their sailing and racing skills. The following are excerpts from a letter by STC member Taylor Walker - a long-time MudRatz volunteer -  to Rich du Moulin (Chair of the Storm Trysail Foundation) expressing their gratitude, along with a report on how the money was utilized.

"With this assistance, we were able to get the newly donated J/105 underway in a training delivery for our sailors. Late last night against a bucking tide and tough conditions our sailors elected to berth in Old Saybrook; they had set a time window to bring the boat into a port based on weather conditions and forecast. They had a great trip up despite the tough weather and even hit 12.5 knots of boat speed surfing down one last wave into the harbor under the main. 

This grant also allowed us to get our 'After Dark' program initiated. Groups of 3-4 sailors per boat train in Niantic Bay and Long Island Sound onboard our refitted Melges 20 sport boats. The goal is pretty simple: a taste of sailing at night and making it fast, fun, and safe. Oh, and keeping them coming back for more! It’s been a success and we're looking forward to building the program out more in the future.”

Taylor Walker

In addition, the MudRatz outlined some of their goals for the future as they look for the continued support from the Storm Trysail Foundation.

1.   Working to create opportunities where sailors of all ages and from all walks of life can enjoy the sport and sea in a safe and fun atmosphere.

2.   Take the platforms, and the fortunate sailors that benefit from them, and push them to go above and beyond in growing the sport. Making sailing more accessible, affordable, and fun; i.e. developing programs to bring new people on the water that are from less fortunate backgrounds.

{We aim to} grow the sport across all diversity lines while keeping it safe and fun. The MudRatz are an open door culture with a spirit of volunteering at its core."

MudRatz goals

“Congratz" to the ‘Ratz for making the most of the 2020 season, and we will be discussing with them how we may support them next year.

The Storm Trysail Foundation has also made similar grants to Hudson River Community Sailing, Sail Maine, and Sound Waters.  Funding for these awards was made possible by the generosity of STC member Bo Lycke and his wife Edie in memory of Edward du Moulin.

If you would like to help fund programs like these, be sure to Donate to the Storm Trysail Foundation Annual Fund and you can even choose where your gift goes.



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