The Storm Trysail Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to effecting, promoting and enhancing (i) the education of young sailors, (ii) safe and knowledgeable transitioning from dinghy to big boat racing, particularly through intercollegiate big boat racing, (iii) safe boat handling in all conditions for all sailors, and (iv) safe blue water racing and passage making for all sailors.

The Storm Trysail Foundation supports a national program of events, including Junior Safety at Sea Seminars, Hands-on Safety at Sea Seminars for adults and juniors alike, regattas, and other on the water training, and also through the making of grants to other institutions to foster similar education and training.

Storm Trysail Foundation Board of Directors 
Rich du Moulin, Chairman
Barry Gold, Vice Chairman
John Browning
Ed Cesare
A.J. Evans
John Fisher
Lars Forsberg
Gary Jobson

Storm Trysail Foundation Officers
Barry Gold, President
Lars Forsberg, Vice President
John Browning, Secretary and Treasurer

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